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What do we mean by “exhibits”?

The Clinic for Writing and the Public Good strives to present research in the clearest and most efficient way possible. We want you, as the audience, to quickly find the material that you need and to be able to use it in a manner that best supports your work. For this reason, we create uniform exhibits to present the knowledge and expertise of our community partners. 

Below the Exhibit title on the sidebar, you will find our selection of exhibits. 

Each exhibit will have the following components:

  1. An introduction: Here we describe what inspired the selection of this topic as well as an overview of what you can expect from the exhibit. 
  2. A video: This is where we interview our community partners or present a panel so that you can hear their findings first hand.  
  3. A transcript: In order to make our website more accessible, we include full transcripts alongside every video. 
  4. A keywords section: This is where we will define terms and concepts discussed in the video or research.  
  5. A resource section: These are open-access articles or websites that allow you to further explore a topic. 

We hope this overview will help you better navigate our website.